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How cute is Bettina under the covers?? But I didn't realize Eris was kitty bed.

I have issues with winter and early spring. I *need* sun or I get depressed -- which leads to sleeping all day.


Awww. Bettina is adorable! My cat doesn't like the covers so much, but she absolutely loves sleeping on my knitting, *especially* angora. Maybe I should make her an angora lined cat bed, lace it with catnip, and leave it in direct sunlight. Except I'm not sure if she'd sleep in it or rip it apart.

As for the spring blues, I think I'm just starting to come out of the winter depression. I can't wait for longer days! Oh, and to prevent itching underneath sweaters, I often wear thin athletic long sleeved shirts that are very breathable. I'm not sure what their athletic function is (since they're often somewhat see-through), but they make good skin protectors.


I totally have the spring blahs. If I don't see the sun soon, I'll go mad! I sleept all sunday. Nice, but not very productive...


Ugh, it's been snowing here all week. I could use a good dose of sunshine and warm air. Just like you can't seem to concentrate, I just can't seem to kick the illness(es?) that have been plaguing me for the last couple of weeks. A nice spring break is what I need.

I know what Cookie is talking about. The athletic shirts (sometimes called rashguards, I think) wick away moisture, so you stay nice and dry. :)That's a good idea.


Bettina is too cute in her bed. My dog likes to do the same thing.


I finished St. Moritz this weekend. How's Lillehammer going?

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