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Oh, cute kitty! Did you know the cat would like the bed before you made it? I've been thinking of knitting one for my cat, but she doesn't usually sleep in things like that, so I don't know if she'd use it.

As for mohair, my skin is pretty sensitive to it too. I don't have a problem knitting it, but my arms and neck would have a problem with rubbing against it. So maybe not an allergy exactly? I'm not sure how that works.


Allergic to mohair? Too bad! The sweater is so beautiful! Maybe you can wear a cotton long sleeve t-shirt underneath ... would that solve the problem?


I think that a lot fo people that can deal with wool jsut fine are sensitive to mohair. It can be so coarse and pokey. It takes me some getting used to if I haven't worn it in some time.

My cat sitting here (Tina) is jealous of Bettina's kitty bed. She might make me make one too.

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