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Well we have a bat in the house every fall, too. Being a homeowner is ... um ... fun. But it's nice to have your own place and know you can paint the walls fuschia if you want.

And WOOHOO on the winnings. I'll ship overseas just for you if you want to get rid of some of the winnings. *laugh*


Wow, wow, wow! You must have some great poker skill and cosmic karma. I think owning a house would be a lovely thing. Everything that you put into your house, all the beautification, the rearrangements, the building, you are putting into yourself and your wellbeing.




I think a house is a perfect way to use all that lovely money! (And may I just say WOW!! It's so cool!) I hope you keep winning and winning so you can buy any house you want to, without having to think too much about the price.

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