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The other day I was actually wondering what you were going to knit for the olympics as I was thinking about my poor Eris collar. Lillehammer is going to be one awesome knit! Absolutely beautiful. This one is up to your mad sweater knitting skills. Are you going for the socks, too?

Your bird mittens turned out beautifully!


OMG! That pattern would drive me to drink. It's beautiful. Please tell me you don't plan on having it completed during the Olympics.

The mitten looks great! I don't think I will ever be to that level.

I look forward to your status reports.


Lillehammer is absolutley the most beautiful Olympics pattern. But with my fair-isle skills, I wouldn't be able to watch any of the olympics, just read the chart like crazy...

I really hope your internet problems will get solved soon.


That mitten is gorgeous! Also, I love how your Brooks Farm mistake rib scarves came out. That purple and pink colorway is adorable.


love the fair isle.
You first paragraph resonated with me. We have Norton, and the update they did on Sunday or Monday totally disabled our email function through outlook. It's been a struggle and is still not resolved.
re the Lillehammer sweater - it's gorgeous and I admire you for taking it on. A word though, about the superwash yarn. Swatch it, wash it, and measure. Everyone I know using superwash lately has had real gauge issues after getting their finished sweaters wet. Seems it stretches wide, not long. Good luck. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.


The sweaters are really nice. I am going to knit a Bohus for the Olympics. I was thinking of doing a Dale but thought that the Bohus may be a bit less stressfull.

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