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I thought the sleeves were lovely -- until I read the "road kill octopus" comment then that's all I could see. *laugh* Even if you had liked the sleeves, it seems that Bettina likes her blanket way more than you would have liked a sweater.

I'll bet those socks made from Fleece Artist are snuggly. I've heard good things about that yarn.

I still haven't made the fuzzy feet pattern. I started it once but then I frogged it for some reason. They end up so cute, I really need to start them again.


Happy New Year! I too wound everything in sight when I first got a ballwinder. They are so much fun! Your cat is adorable. :)


Those slippers look great, just what you need on cold feet during winter. I think I have some Alaska in my stash, that seems like a perfect project.

And it's nice to see that fugly yarn being appreciated by someone :)


Happy New Year!


Ah, fuzzyfeet! Those turned out nicely. I need to make myself a pair of slippers.

Well didn't Bettina, you and the yarn get lucky. They say there is someone for everyone. There must be a yarn for everyone, too.

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