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Name: Pumpkins

Designer: Jordana Paige at

Yarn: Garnstudio's Alaska (100% wool, 75m per 50 gr ball, three balls of orange colour #9, half a ball of green colour #51 and some orange supermarket wool yarn.

Needle Size: 7mm

Date Completed: October 31, 2005

Random thoughts: I ran out of orange yarn, so the big pumpkin has only seven wedges instead of eight and I had to sew them together with a different yarn. I closed the bottom of the pumpkins as tight as I could, but the holes became enormous. Furthermore, I should have done the felting first, and only then stuff them with plastic bags and wrap yarn tightly around the pumpkins at seam lines. As I did it the other way around, when I went to check the washing machine after the first 15 minutes, I could see a mass of floating plastic bags and felted wool. But I think the pumpkins are groovy enough without the grooves (ha!) and they look amusing perched on the windowsill. And I've got a bunch of very clean plastic bags. *sigh* Am I stupid or what?